CMCA Club – Childrens Movement Of Civic Awareness

CMCA is a volunteer driven civil society organization that conducts a national civic club program in schools across India. This systematic and structured intervention is dedicated in moulding and nurturing active citizenship in children and youth across the country. CMCA seeks to sensitize children and youth to civic democratic issues thereby improving quality and equality of life.

Vision : We envision a dynamic society of empowered citizens who are asserting their rights and shouldering their social responsibilities participating in governance in pursuit of universal common good and fulfillment of human aspiration. While strengthening democracy and celebrating freedom and diversity.

Mission: Our mission is to kindle and nurture active citizenship and inculcate democratic values in children and youth and through a’ripple effect’ . Empower and transform society as a whole.

Objectives :

  • Sustaining and improving the current civic club programme in School.
  • To Energize the Civic Education Curriculum is Schools and Colleges.
  • To Develop Innovative and Replicable Models of Civis Education
  • To Strengthen Civic Society Initiatives for securing Human Rights and child Right
  • To Achieve Self reliance

Wonderland High school and CMCA – The great Vision of our Director Madam – Gurjeet Kaur to create a dynamic society of active citizens and to shape country’s future as a responsible, responsive and sustainable democracy encouraged us to launch the CMCA club in the year 2012-13. It was launched by Dr Vijaya Chaoji, Mrs Neeta Kale and Mrs Deepa Kale trustee of Sir Gangadhar Rao Chitnavis trust and founder member of CMCA club of Nagpur.

The volunteers of CMCA club interacts with the civic club of wits on weekly basis through some flash cards and games and activities students are sensitised to democratic and issues that concern them as citizens. They then spread this awareness through campaigns and acts as an active citizenship.

Activities :

  • Participated in Eco – friendly Ganesh idol making competition.
  • Conducted door to door signature campaign to save electricity.
  • Campaigned to “Save water” and “Save and make the Environment green” was conducted in the Assembly. Children through charts and by speaking about its. Importance did spread the awareness amongst them and brought the change by Tree Plantation.
  • Campaign conducted to collect E –waste to reuse and recycle it and to bring about the awareness how to dispose the E-waste. To campaign Against use of plastic Newspapers were collected from the students of whole school to donate it to the under priveledge children for making paper bags to supports then environment.
  • Thanks giving day was celebrated by honoring our helpers the peons for their life long service towards children by giving them gifts.
  • Visited Municipal Corporation to meet the commissioner and discussed about the cleanliness of Nagpur and also learned the methods of cleaning of Nagpur.
  • The Fire Fighting centre of NMC Nagpur – demonstrated and brought the awareness among the children and discussed about the different types of cause of Fire and the ways of extinguishing Fire. Different types of vehicles were also shown used while extinguishing fire. It became most knowledgeable memorable field trip to NMC for CMCA members.
  • Performed skit on “Stop Corruption” and Dance Drawing on cry of the world” by the CMCA members in the annual programme “Leher”.
    1. 42 CMCA members wrote letter and did signature campaign to bring about the awareness of importance of voting in election and Parents promised to do so.
    2. Donated old school bags, Copies made out of collected pages to the children of Zilla Parishad School of village Godhani.

Outstanding: – These young citizens have achievements gone that extra mile to do us proud! Armed with courage, Knowledge and determination.

Some CMCA members were adjudged as “Active Citizens” of CMCA by the volunteer for doing some good deed for the society.

* Awarded – 2rd prize performing dance Drama on “Cry of the World” to spread the message of Peace in the world.