Interact Club

interact clubSince its inception in the year 2010, the Interact club of Wonderland High School, Nagpur, in collaboration with Rotary of Nagpur, has been actively involved in community service initiatives, Each year, it contributes enthusiastically to projects such as tree plantation, interaction with local orphanages, road safety awareness and more to hold social causes with conviction.

Every year interact club of Wonderland High School carries out two service project : one that aims to “Save Mother Earth” and second “Service to Man is service to God” .

Stepping ahead to help our community has been the motive of Wonderland High School since we have joined our hands with Rotary. All student contributes selflessly to help the lesser privileged children whose wishes are necessities more than luxuries by donating books, note books, clothes, cardigans, school bags to spread smiles on their beautiful faces.

Wonderland High School Think Green

It is an imitative towards environmental Conservation and to fight against its degeneration by involving students.

To encourage corrective and preventive action for a greener environment we have under taken various projects like

  • Tree Plantation (at all important events )
  • Donating Neem saplings in near by locality.
  • Rallies to “Save Earth”
  • Poster Designing competitive to Save Earth, use water wisely, Quiz on environment.

We work with the aim to make them good samatarians, Hoping to bring about a positive lasting change in the society.

Every year at Wonderland High School we conduct seminars to educate children on various topics like first Aid, Time Management, Etiquettes and Manners by leading personality to horn their skills for a better life.