Literary Club

Literary club was formed to develop the speaking and writing skills of the students. Throughout the year various activities and competitions are organised for the students to develop the literary skills of the students.

To develop the writing skills, assessment is done where in the children learn to express there ideas in clear and grammatically correct English. They also learn how to plan, organize and present their ideas wherenthy by comparing and contrasting ideas, they also learn how to present their ideas by using appropriate style and format. They also learn how to expand notes into longer pieces of composition creatively.

The students develop the cohesion and correctness of structures and vocabulary. Use of appropriate tense form, prepositions, articles and connectors they also learn to use correct mechanics of writing correct spellings, punctuation marks and capitalization.

To develop the communication skills and confidence various activities are planned throughout the year like Debates, Elocution, speeches, storytelling, talk shows, seminar, quiz, symposium, dialogue conversation etc in which the children learn how to use correct intonation and pronunciation.
The literary club promotes writing skills by organizing story writing, poem writing, slogan writing, lime rill and report writing, para writing, article writing activities in the school.

The best literary works are the school and are also published in the news letter and knowledge magazine. In this way the talent of the students is honed and the develop, the aesthetic sense and the love for literature and language.