Pre Primary

A word for parents.
“Join us in the journey of infinity!”

Welcome to Wonderland Kindergarten, at Wonderland Kindergarten we don’t do different things, we just do things differently. Here every child is given the gift of childhood. No hurry, No race, No stress, because we believe that the only race your child should be in, is the human race.
Montessori says three things should be involved in learning – Brain, senses and muscles. Hence we try to develop the same at our school.
We know that children have an absorbent mind and so we try to give them as many sensorial experiences as possible.
Regularly through out the year there are parental workshops conducted on various topics given by experts. Parents are invited for many seminars, celebrations and events where in, they can join in the activities with their children.
We believe Mother is a great Mentor, so competition is organized , where mother sings rhyme with her child, and learn to sing her child’s favorites rhymes…..