Recent Events

Mission “Save Trees Save The Environment”

Wonderland High School is committed to make students active citizens and to take up their responsibility towards the country and environment. Wellness club at wonderland High School aims at making children responsible, inculcating good habits, and creating individuals with an attitude to create wellbeing of the society. To achieve this aim, children of Wonderland High School carried out an awareness campaign on “Save Trees Save the Environment” at Places like Ginger Mall, Jaripatka and at Dharampeth in front of Sudama Theatre.

Children Performing
Visitors Participating, making beautiful craft items
“Best Out of Waste”
Visitors joining the mission and participating in dance item
visitors enjoying the game and relive their childhood

Blessing Ceremony for Std X Students

A blessing ceremony for the X standard students was recently conducted at Wonderland High School. Keeping in line with the tradition of the school to connect the students with our values, the ceremony consisted of all religion prayer. After the all religion prayer and blessings from the elders the children lighted the lamps to symbolize spreading of knowledge.